Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alpha Centauri A c

Hey, its been a while, I've been really busy so far, how much weight can my head take?

Anyways, I haven't been able to post so here is something I did a few weeks ago.

This is not Earth, amazingly enough, it is a terrestrial planet... in Alpha Centauri - the closest group of stars to Sol, 4 ly away, but at the moment the distances involved are impossible to travel over. This planet is the 3rd from it's sun, Alpha Centauri A, it comfortably resides in the Goldilocks Zone within 1.45 AU.  It is covered in think forests, little desert and huge mountain ranges. You would definitely find a multitude of alien life on this planet, both on land, in the skies and in the seas. In the great forests you would find creatures that had adapted to swinging from tree to tree. While you also find grazers that digest massive amounts of floor covering so they could maintain their body mass for the up coming winter.

Alpha Centauri A also has a moon the size of Titan, but I did not show it because I created this before I created the moon.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gliese 849 ca & cb concepts

After a few months I have learned how to master the design of planets on photoshop. So far I have created many planets, but seeing that this is the most recent I thought I would share it. Welcome to a completely alien planet - Gliese 849 c, orbiting at a safe distance from it's mother star, a red giant. It seems be a safe planet, one that can contain life in complex forms, but not yet, far from it in fact. You may think that it is a paradise down there but touch down on the surface and you will find that it is a baron wasteland, with an ocean at an acidic ph due to the lack of oxygen. Life can however be found in the ocean in the form of small bacteria - evolving slowly into complex organisms, while living conditions continue to become favorable as oxygen has become more abundant due to the melting of what was once an ice world. Gliese 849 c is orbited by a large moon, categorized as Gliese 849 cb, a hunk of rock and iron with scarce amounts of water. I also learned during the time I created it how to come up with star scapes, I hope I get the time to do more. Once I get the family's heavy horse power computer back I should also be able to do a HD render on Blender.